tousek TPS 60 PRO

Force and power connected with intelligence

The advantages at a glance:

  • Integrated control unit with frequency converter
  • Large, illuminated LC -Display (2x16 characters)
  • Clear text menu programmable through four buttons
  • Operation mode is selectable (impulse, automatic, dead man)
  • Adjustable partial opening for pedestrians or car/truck function
  • Distance measurement through revolution speed sensor(contactless)
  • Adjustable soft stop (distance and speed)
  • Direct connection of 8,2 kΩ safety sensing edges separately for main and side safety sensing edge
  • Status display for safety and switch inputs
  • Self monitoring of photocell
  • External gate status display (e.g. doorman)
  • Main housing made of brushed stainless steel
  • Aluminium cap, powder coated
  • Cover lockable with EURO standard cylinder
  • Integrated main switch and 230V Schuko socket
  • Optional, height adjustable load arm/bracket for power supply system
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 520 x 1365 x 230mm
  • Height adjustable gear wheel (upper part): 168–218mm
  • Gear wheel Z20 Module 5



control system integrated in a housing for maximum ease of use

Under the cover there is the latest generation of control systems. The main focus of all our controllers is the easy setting of all functional processes. All parameters as impulse /automatic mode, partial opening, soft stop and much more can be programmed in a very user friendly and time saving way by means of four buttons, a large backlit two-line LCD display and a plain text menu guidance.

You want more information about our controls? Click here to read more!

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Self-learning end positions without limit for simplified operation

All TPS60 PRO models learn during the installation automatically the end positions. Additionally, you can finely adjust the set positions or adapt them to your needs. Mechanical limits that may be defective or freeze in winter, are completely eliminated.

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Direct connection of two 8,2kΩ safety contact edges for more cost efficiency

As with all tousek sliding gate operators the highest security and reasonable costs are in no contradiction. Therefore, it is a standard for the TPS60 PRO to be able to monitor separately the main and secondary closing edge from each other. Surprises due to additional costs for additional processing electronics can be definitely ruled out.


Standard soft start and soft stop for smooth gate movements

In both directions of movement the TPS60 PRO drive starts and stops with reduced speed. Besides the harmonious movement of the gate while also the entire mechanism of the gate and drive is protected

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Optional housing for more overview

On request the motor, control unit and photocell can be accommodated in a strong galvanized steel and aluminium housing. Thanks to the sophisticated design additional accessories/components can be integrated directly into the housing. Thus, even for complex systems you will never lose track of them.

Optional gate status display

Even if the gate is not directly visible, with the optional alarm contacts the gate status can be checked in a reliable way at any time, wherever you are.

Constant power reserves thanks to frequency converter

A lot of power - even at reduced speed - is obvious for the TPS60 PRO. A fact which is enabled by a sophisticated combination of control and frequency converter. This ensures that every situation is managed with the highest level of reliability.

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